Maria Linghult has transformed and impacted numerous of people’s lives by her teaching, including numerous leaders and executives, how to master their mind and become a wiser, more productive and loving version of themselves. As a successful businesswoman with a 20 year career in the European bank SEB, leading strategic and operational business development, she found that she was caught in the everyday rat race of stress and pressures. Through serendipity, she stumbled on the path of meditation that brought her on a journey that completely transformed her mind and how she approached life.

The profound shift in herself made her embark on a new route in life, leaving her financial career behind and becoming an accredited meditation teacher. She combined her business experiences, her 25-year background as a yoga and fitness professional, her learnings from being a two gold medals Swedish champion athlete, the credentials in Communicology, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Trauma therapy and her rare insight in the invisible world of the matrix that many avid meditators connects with.

Today Maria is a sought after coach and teacher, where she shows that meditation is actually a tool for high performance and fulfillment in life. Her unique way of teaching type A personalities in a relatable and enjoyable way - how to lead, perform and achieve flow in their work life and find meaning and joy in private life - has gained her recognition internationally. She is a well-known host of workshops and retreats, teaching in Europe and Asia on a wide array of topics such as mental health, personal development, meditation and leveling up our human experience, which has brought her an audience from all parts of life.