Maria spent 20 years in management consultancy and finance, working internationally with strategic and operational business development and implementation, including cultural change and leadership. In parallel she did a career in the fitness industry bringing new training programs and developments to the market as an entrepreneur and Nike ambassador.

She loved it and thought she was happy. But 10 years ago, she recognized she was a complete victim to her mind – dependent on achievements and outside recognition. She discovered how simply changing the relationship to her thoughts and feelings transformed her personal and business life experience, approaching life from a sense of inner peace, trust, clarity and contentment. The profound shift inside took her passion in a new direction. She left her former career and embarked on a new path in life, helping others to recognize the power within.

Today Maria is offering courses, programs and retreats supporting inner transformation based on awareness - in business leaders, professionals and other individuals throughout the world. She cooperates with international organizations and luxury spa resorts and recently started her own retreat center in Sweden.

She is a certified Ishayas’ Ascension meditation teacher and has been teaching since 2012 in more than 10 countries. She also holds certificates in several yoga disciplines, Communicology/NLP, trauma therapy and other healing modalities.

Maria serves as an Ishaya Munk,and wishes to meet everyone that crosses her path from a place of authenticity, humbleness and love.